America’s Cycles of Change

Trump Stays Focused on New Map of America

Wed, 22 March 2017

President Donald Trump, as usual, made his meaning clear and simple in his speech to the Republican National Committee on Tuesday, March 21.

“WalMart, Ford, GM have all announced they are adding tens of thousands of jobs,” Trump stated. “They’re coming back believe me and if they don’t we’re taxing the hell out of their products.”

Trump made such pronouncements often during the 2016 election campaign and the mainstream media based overwhelmingly out of Washington, DC, New York and Los Angeles paid no attention to him. There was certainly no hint in the superficial and dismissive general coverage that Trump might actual mean what he said, or that his audiences would believe him.

But believe him they did.

Although Hillary Clinton swept to victory in two of the four most populous US states California and New York, she was defeated in the popular vote by Trump in 30 of the 50 US states. Sixty percent of all the states in the Union rejected her.

Most important of all, Clinton lost the old industrial Rust Belt states. She went down to defeat in Pennsylvania, Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan.

The great industrial states of the Northeast and the Midwest were endlessly touted as the Democrats’ vaulted “blue wall.”

Instead they turned out to be Hillary Clinton’s Maginot Line.

Yet there were endless signs and warnings that Hillary’s Maginot Line was crumbling. Even in Barack Obama’s two sweeping victories in 2008 and 2012, the contests for Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes were among the closest in the nation. Paul Ryan, now Speaker of the House of Representatives was Republican Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012, yet he proved to have zero coattails in his own home state.

As I wrote on November 13, 2016, just five days after the election:

“The Blue Wall isn’t going back to the Democrats: Not until they learn Bernie Sanders’ lesson and actually start to care about poor, unemployed white – and black and Hispanic – male voters again.”

On November 13, I wrote that the Democrats had to produce credible economic policies that reverse the half century impoverishment of scores of millions of Americans if they ever wanted to hold national power again in either Congress or the White House.

That basic truth still holds.

For all the enemies he has made and all the forces conspiring to destroy him, President Trump to his credit remains focused on his primary domestic social and economic goals: To revive domestic manufacturing and prosperity across the American heartland.

Obviously, it is early days yet and he may fail: But as his speech on March 21 made clear, it will not be for lack of trying.

There is as yet no hint that the Democrats are prepared to seriously tackle these same core issues. They are blind to the new Map of America that has emerged.

But it isn’t going to go away.