America’s Cycles of Change

Pole Shift! The Key Battlegrounds of US Politics Have Moved

Fri, 27 January 2017

As I predicted in my 2015 book Cycles of Change: The Three Great Cycles of American History & the Coming Crises That Will Lead to the Fourth, a new political map of America has emerged:

This new political map has shifted the center of gravity and main battlegrounds where elections are decided.

The cockpit of US politics that incubates the dominant national political leadership has abandoned Texas, California and the Southwest, the dominant regions of the past half century.

It has already moved to the old, failing heavy industrial states that have been devastated by the policies of free trade, unlimited immigration and internationalism.

The state by state outcomes of the 2016 presidential election made this historic shift clear.

The Democrats lost their historic lock on the old Rustbelt states extending from Pennsylvania across Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Wisconsin, as I predicted in Cycles of Change. They will not regain them in this generation.

The Republicans, amid enormous debate and discordance are recognizing and wrestling with these changes and seeking to take long-term advantage of them.

However, the Democrats remain deep in denial.