America’s Cycles of Change

The New Map of America Elects Its First President

Sun, 13 November 2016

Wisconsin has 10 votes in the Electoral College. Donald Trump won it by a margin of just one percent of votes cast. It had not gone Republican since 1984.

Michigan has 16 votes in the Electoral College: Donald Trump won it by a miniscule margin of 0.3 percent. It had not gone Republican since 1988.

Mighty Pennsylvania is still one of the six most populous states in the United States, despite having lost 45 percent of its weight in the Electoral College since 1920. It went Republican by 1.8 percent.

With a grand total of 228 votes in the Electoral College, Hillary Clinton was 42 votes short of victory. She took victory in all three states for granted. She appeared a few times in Michigan, more often in Pennsylvania, none at all in Wisconsin.

Donald Trump by contrast campaigned like a man possessed in all three states. Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin together carried 46 Electoral College votes. Had Clinton taken them, she would have won, even while still contriving to lose Ohio, North Carolina and Florida.

The great industrial states of the Northeast and the Midwest were endlessly touted as the Democrats’ vaulted “blue wall.”

Instead they turned out to be Hillary Clinton’s Maginot Line.

Yet there were endless signs and warnings that Hillary’s Maginot Line was crumbling. Even in Barack Obama’s two sweeping victories in 2008 and 2012, the contests for Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes were among the closest in the nation. Paul Ryan, now Speaker of the House of Representatives, was Republican Mitt Romney’s running mate in 2012, yet he proved to have zero coattails in his own home state.

The Blue Wall isn’t going back to the Democrats: Not until they learn Bernie Sanders’ lesson and actually start to care about poor, unemployed white – and black and Hispanic – male voters again.

The Democrats do not need to abandon their social policies – more or less. But they have to produce credible economic policies that reverse the half century impoverishment of scores of millions of Americans.

Hillary Clinton, who supported the ruinous Free Trade policies for a quarter century at the highest levels of national power, was never going to do that. The suffering honest people of the Northeast and Midwest industrial states knew that. They had no hesitation in consigning her to the dustbin of history.

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, so different in so many ways understood this very well.

Had Bernie Sanders been the Democrats’ candidate for president. Had the Democratic leadership not been so corrupt and dishonest and so many of their voters not been so stupid to back Hillary Clinton, they would have won the national election. It would not have taken much.

They despised the suffering survivors of Industrial America and now Industrial America has taken its epochal revenge on them.

The New Map of America has elected its first president.