America’s Cycles of Change

Navigating the Future: 2016 and the New Political Map of America

Wed, 26 October 2016

Where is the 2016 US presidential election campaign going to be decided? Where is the passion? Where is the hope?

Whoever wins on November 8, the US electoral map is going to transform in ways not seen since Richard Nixon’s Southern Strategy started to bite in the 1968 election nearly half a century ago.

Long solid rock-hard Republican states in the Southwest and even the South could easily flip and go liberal Democrat. This will certainly happen in New Mexico and Virginia, probably in Nevada and very possibly even in Arizona and Texas.

States rock solid for the GOP for 40 years until 2008’s fateful liberal-Democratic landslide could now tilt the balance and provide the crucial margin of victory for Hillary Clinton.

But if the Democrats lose it will because as a propertied party of the idealistic and romantic suburban middle class – overwhelmingly the refuge of bureaucrats, teachers and academics – they have lost the industrial and Northeastern ethnic working class base that defined them for so long.

If Donald Trump still has a path to victory, it lies though upstate New York, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa and Pennsylvania.

My books Cycles of Change and Gathering Storm were both published in 2015 well before Trump declared his earthshaking candidacy that has transformed the Republican Party.

But I predicted clearly in both those books and in their 2012 predecessor That Should Still be Us how the political, industrial, economic and social maps of America ware being transformed.

In Cycles of Change and Gathering Storm I especially predicted the imminent rebellion of the displaced industrial workers of America’s Northeast Foundry belt – for 130 years the greatest concentration of industry, manufacturing and wealth-generating engineering on the face of the planet and in human history.

Trump has made himself the prophet and spokesman of those 100 million dispossessed Americans. He is the first. He will not be the last.

A new age is dawning in America. New political and economic maps of America have emerged before our eyes.

There is nowhere else – There is none else to explain them.

Your road to understanding – and to surviving and navigating a frightfully dangerous future – starts here.