America’s Cycles of Change

Trump’s Immigration Plan Can Really Work

Thu, 01 September 2016

Donald Trump hasn’t read my 2015 book Gathering Storm (Amazon-Kindle 2015 and available from, but he continues to fulfill its predictions.

On Wednesday, August 31, Trump gave his keynote speech on immigration in Phoenix, Arizona.

If you haven’t read the speech or heard him give it – do both.

Do NOT take the Mainstream Media (MSM’s) word on it.

In his speech Trump spelled out a practical, detailed, 10-point plan.

It is not demagogic. It would not propel America to the brink of civil war. It does not threaten the Constitution of the United States.

It is practical.

It can work.

And it is infinitely more detailed and responsible than any position Hillary Clinton has staked out on immigration.

The liberal media immediately attacked Trump, alleging he had turned “extremist.”

Yet Trump continues to narrow his gap with Hillary Clinton. In the four-way race the election has become, he is now only two points behind her, CNN reported on Thursday, September 1.

How does Trump’s allegedly “extreme” position on controlling immigration be reconciled with his rising credibility?

My book Gathering Storm gives the answer.

In that book I made clear the issue of restoring America’s borders, both economic and physical, had become one of the two crucial issues of survival for the American people.

The other one is avoiding full-scale thermonuclear war with Russia.

Trump gets both points.

On both issues, he is totally at odds with the Washington political establishments of both main parties.

But increasing numbers of the American people love him for it.