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Treat the Russians with Respect

Mon, 16 November 2015

I do not worry about cosmic convergences, shifting ice caps, global warming, the Trilateral Commission, the Catholic Church, a united Germany, the Second Vatican Council, the Elders of Zion, the Freemasons, the European Union or the ecumenical movement and neither should you. Let’s get real.

But the risk of thermonuclear war breaking out – that worries me a very great deal.

I don’t worry about China, North Korea, Iran, or even al-Qaeda firing one or even two or three nuclear missiles at the United States. None of them have that many, not even the Chinese, and the U.S. strategic nuclear response would be overwhelming.

But treating the Russian people and their leaders with disrespect – That is something I worry about a very great deal.

In January 2013 a new Russian strategic nuclear submarine entered active service. It is called the Yuri Dolgorukiy. It is the first of the so-called fourth generation of Russian strategic nuclear submarines. Three more sister super-subs, the Alexander Nevsky, the Vladimir Monomakh and the Knyaz Vladimir are under construction. Eventually, there will be eight of them.

Each of those subs single-handedly has the destructive power to annihilate theUnited States and destroy Western civilization.

This is not some big, dark secret or paranoid fantasy. The Russian government is completely open about the capabilities and striking power of these boats (as Western sailors traditionally call subs.)

Each one of them carries a complement of 16 Bulava submarine launched ballistic missiles. They are usually referred to by the handful of people who write on and follow this stuff as SBLMs. Each Bulava has a range of 6,000 miles, or 10,000 kilometers. And each one carries at least six multi independently-targeted reentry vehicles, known as MIRVs. That means each missile carries six 150-kiloton warheads each of which can annihilate a full-sized city.

Multiply six by 16 and you get 96. So each one of those submarines can single-handedly annihilate 96 cities or major population areas., Just position one of them off the Eastern Seaboard of the United States and one of them off the West Coast and you have the capability to kill 200 million Americans within 10 minutes of launch.

There is no defense against these weapons once they are launched: none at all. Even if every one of the 74 or so Ground-Based Midcourse Interceptors (GBIs) that the United States has currently deployed worked perfectly (and they probably wouldn’t – Two of the past three U.S. test firings and interceptions were total failures), they could only intercept a handful of these diabolical weapons.

The building of these submarines and the unparalleled nuclear missile arsenals they carry is not in violation of the new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) between the United States and Russia: The treaty simply doesn’t cover them.

Of course, the United States has its own nuclear-submarine strategic strike force too. And the submarine-launched nuclear arsenals are only the tip of the iceberg of what Russia and the United States have in their arsenals.

The Nuclear Information Project of the Federation of American Scientists is one of the most authoritative and comprehensive monitors of nuclear weapons around the world. In 2012, it listed the United States as having 1,950 nuclear weapons that can be fired at short notice while Russia had even more – 2,430 of them. And both countries have far more of these diabolical things in their national stockpiles.

But the most dangerous of all these weapons are the American Trident II’s and the Russian Bulavas deployed on nuclear submarines. That great authority Wikipedia explains why:

“The deployment of highly accurate missiles on ultra-quiet submarines allows an attacker to sneak up close to the enemy coast and launch a missile on a depressed trajectory – a very close range attack which will hit its target in a matter of minutes, thus opening the possibility of a decapitation strike.”

No other countries except the United States and Russia have that capability. That is why it is so important for the leaders of Russia and the United States to get on with each other. And why it is important for American leaders to treat the Russians with the respect they demand.

Personally I think that if anyone is in possession of 2,430 thermonuclear warheads that can be quickly launched on intercontinental ballistic missiles, those are 2,430 reasons to treat that someone with all the respect in the world.

I hope President Barack Obama and his possible successors, both Republican and Democrat agree with me: I’m not sure that they do.