America’s Cycles of Change

The Gathering Storm is Here

Fri, 11 November 2016

Early in 2015, well before Donald Trump had declared his fateful candidacy for president of the United States, I published my book, Gathering Storm. In it, I predicted that the greatest crisis in U.S history, greater than the Civil War and the Great Depression combined, was about to hit the United States.

Now it is here.

It was not the narrow victory of Trump over endlessly hapless Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton that triggered the crisis. Things would have been even worse if she had won.

The great crisis is threefold.

First, comes dealing with the $20 trillion national debt that feckless Barack Obama doubled in his two terms. In only eight years he doubled a debt it had taken 240 years to accumulate.

Second, comes avoiding the almost imminent threat of full-scale thermonuclear war with Russia. That would have been completely unavoidable had Clinton won. She appeared, rather, determined to trigger it. She repeatedly called the president of Russia “Hitler” – a description as shameful and false as what was hysterical – in every sense of the term.

Trump is vastly preferable to Clinton in having to deal with both those unprecedented dangers.

However, the third and greatest threat may stymie Trump too: It is the curse of needless hatred and imminent full-scale civil war that may blow America apart.