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Former Top British NATO Commander Prophesies Nuclear War with Russia

Tue, 24 May 2016

Ever since legendary Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery turned NATO into a credible military deterrent force for the first time as its Deputy Supreme Commander in the1950s, British senior generals have usually served as loyal deputies to the American Supreme Commanders (SACEUR) of the Alliance in Europe. But few, if any, can compare to General Sir Richard Shirreff for outspokenness.

Shirreff has outraged the Russians with a new work of fiction called 2017 War with Russia, in which he visualizes a Russian invasion of the three tiny Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia, or Lithuania, a scenario he describes as “entirely plausible.”

And once that happens, Sherriff warns, NATO will inevitably move to defend those three tiny nations under the famous Article 5 of the 1949 Washington Treaty which states that an attack on any one of the 28 NATO member–nations is an attack upon all of them.

At that point, Shirreff states, nuclear war across the Northern Hemisphere will become inevitable.

“The chilling fact is that because Russia hardwires nuclear thinking and capability to every aspect of their defense capability, this would be nuclear war,” he told Britain’s BBC Radio 4.

“We need to judge President Putin by his deeds not his words,” the British general continued. “He has invaded Georgia, he has invaded the Crimea, he has invaded Ukraine. He has used force and got [sic] away with it.”

Sherriff’s solution is straightforward, increase the forward military power of NATO in the allegedly threatened nations so much that Russia will not dare to threaten them.

In reality, the opposite is the case: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have no strategic significance for Britain or the United States whatsoever. There is no true reason to commit those major nations to defend any of them and risk being annihilated in a nuclear war.

George W. Bush, most stupid of all American presidents, pledged, under neo-conservative influence, to bring all three tiny states which had been part of Russia for hundreds of years, into NATO in a speech in Warsaw on June 15,2001 and he then did it. The result was potentially even more catastrophic than Bush’s totally bungled wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The mad gallop of the Gadarene swine towards self-destruction continues.