America’s Cycles of Change

On Foreign Policy, Which Way Will Trump Turn?

Thu, 08 December 2016

In his keynote foreign policy speech at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington in April 2016, Donald Trump, now the President-elect, showed an admirable awareness of the need to defuse nuclear tensions with the superpowers.

His post-election victory phone conversations with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow and with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing were further welcome confirmations of the adult, serious perspective he brings to these most fundamental issues.

However, all this vision and wisdom could still be lost if Trump casually hands off control of foreign policy to an uncontrollable firebrand.

The paucity of politically presentable picks for secretary of state available to Trump reflects the degree to which the Republican Party, since the accession of the awful George W. Bush, has fallen into the hands of simplistic ideological idiots and insanely reckless warmongers who pose a risk to the entire human race.