America’s Cycles of Change

Defending True Science against Politically Correct Ideas

Fri, 09 December 2016

Science has degenerated from the uncovering of the infinite complex and unpredictable ways the universe actually works to a conformist, closed-minded consensus. We have regressed from the empiricism of Aristotle to the arrogant, closed-minded fantasies of Plato.

The idea that “science” must be arbitrated by the prevailing views in the specialist journals on issues is not just repellent but also absurd. True Science is not a consensus of what the prevailing prejudices and fads of the day are – It is accepting the inconvenient facts of what actually “IS” whether that outrages the prejudices of liberals or conservatives, fundamentalists or stick-in-the-mud skeptics who refuse to change their opinions in the light of any evidence.

There is a wonderful Chinese proverb that to a toad at the bottom of a well the entire universe must be explained – and extrapolated – from the tiny patch of blue sky he sees far above his head. As humans in general on our insignificant world among so many – and yet further bound by the prejudices and lack of even curiosity about most of the world that we know nothing about – all our prognostications of certainty need to be constrained by the tiny slice of reality we have to study.

I do believe in global warming – the evidence is clear.

Ditto for evolution – and for a world infinitely older than 6,000 years.

But Darwin’s explanation of how evolution functions is unworkable and not supported by the fossil record.

And our models for climate change are merely efforts in computer graphics to imagine that we understand infinitely complex and unpredictable systems and they prove nothing.

We are still lack truly provable and credible mechanisms to explain both phenomena. But we would rather grasp false certainty than recognize the need to exist in an honest twilight of uncertainty.