America’s Cycles of Change


Cycles of Change

The America you know is about to change beyond anyone’s imagining: It has happened before, it will happen again. Every 40-50 years, America changes – an old America dies in crisis and the nation is reborn – recast in every way. These changes have happened five times before – The Sixth Change to the Seventh Era is now about to come upon us. Learn the history you never knew and need to survive into a future you never dreamed in this amazing book.

Gathering Storm

America faces greater, more terrible threats than it ever has before in all its history: Weapons systems now exist that could kill 200 million Americans in an hour and guarantee the horrific extermination of another 100 million in weeks. Yet the mainstream media never discusses any of these issues. America is filled with false prophets guaranteeing fake immunity and miraculous protection which does not exist, or with soothing, smooth assurances that these terrible things can never happen. But they can and they probably will. Learn the policies that we need to avert destruction, and the only precautions that could possibly give you a chance of joining the survivors. And learn why the current policies of both liberal environmentalists and macho, confident conservatives are leading us straight to catastrophe.

New Map of America

Who will rise and who should fall? Why should millions of people contemplate emigrating from the East Coast to the Appalachians? Or why should they flee California for the Rockies? Why are the Dakotas and Montana the best places to go and the leaders of America’s future? What do the energy industry engineers of Denver and Houston know that the IT geniuses of Silicon Valley, Harvard and Yale, Columbia and Chicago do not? Why was The Future, California’s greatest industry, and how did the Sunshine State lose it? Sieff explains why Geography is Destiny: Where you will prosper and where you are destined and doomed to fail, however many degrees you have or Get Rich courses you take. He even shows you where you can live and where you will inevitably die.