America’s Cycles of Change

Gathering Storm: Excerpt #1

Tue, 10 November 2015
Gathering Storm: The Seventh Era of American History, & the Coming Crises That Will Lead to It

Ten enormous dangers threaten the United States and the American people in the coming years. Some of these problems are imminent and obvious to almost everyone. Others are widely ignored by both the public and the conventional wisdom pundits of the liberal left and conservative right. But they are all real. Any one of them could erupt with devastating consequences for the future of America. And they all need to be recognized if they are to be mastered or avoided. The American people, in fact, face the possibility of 10 updated, 21st century versions of the legendary Ten Plagues of Egypt enumerated in such chilling detail in the Book of Exodus in the Bible.

In the biblical Book of Exodus, an early plague that struck the greatest nation in the world, prosperous, powerful and proud, was one that appeared at first sight merely undignified, even ridiculous and absurd. Perhaps in reaction to the River Nile turning into blood – or, at least, filling with dust and pollution that turned it shockingly red, untold numbers of frogs fled the river and flooded the homes of the Egyptians, even the palace of Pharaoh himself.

What do frogs do? They croak a lot. They make a great deal of noise that grates on the ears and the nerves. Otherwise they do nothing at all, but they are ugly and they behave in a ridiculous and even offensive manner.

In other words, just like America’s professional politicians and national leaders in the 21st century.

The office of the president continues to generate basic respect in America, though even it has become a victim of the great Wal-Mart/Starbucks chasm that splits the American people down the middle. Liberal Democrats notoriously despised President George W. Bush during his two terms of office. Conservative Republicans have no compunction in voicing their comparable contempt for President Barack Obama.

However, the real plague of speaking, articulate, endlessly croaking human frogs that afflicts the American people in the 21st century are the 535 members of Congress, their enormous staffs and their countless partisans in the mainstream media.

Their croaking, like that of the frogs in the Bible, is endless. It continues 24/7, day and night, on the endless news cycles of cable television, the internet and Twitter. The consequence of their croaking is far more serious than the croaking of the refugees from the River Nile. The human frogs of the River Potomac have dead-locked the American political system and made it the contempt and pity of the world.

This problem is far worse than merely symbolic: Left untreated it will destroy the great Constitution of the United States that has been revered for so long and adapted so well to guide the nation through so many unprecedented crises and changing times.

The political deadlock can also be seen as an expanding black hole: left untreated, it will ultimately swallow all the light, all the boundless energy, enterprise and optimism in American life.

If the political deadlock is not ended, through compromise or the emergence of new generations of national leaders on both the right and the left, it will inevitably lead to the bankruptcy of the United States.

If that happens, the dollar, the extraordinarily utilitarian and successful medium of exchange for the most of the North American continent for nearly a quarter of a millennium, will die a sudden and traumatic death. Economic chaos will sweep the continent from coast to coast.