America’s Cycles of Change


Cycles of Change: The Three Great Cycles of American History & the Coming Crises That Will Lead to the FourthCycles of Change: Excerpt #1
A thunderstorm of political change is exploding over the United States of America. The destruction of the World Trade Towers and the murder of 3,000 Americans were the flash of lightning heralding its coming. The great financial and economic crisis that started seven years later, in September 2008, confirmed its arrival. Continued

Cycles of Change: Excerpt #2
Successive 32-40-year eras have defined United States history since the Constitution was ratified. But within that pattern, each two consecutive eras form a larger 72-80 year cycle. The historical transition between eras at the end of the 72-80 year cycle has always been far more severe. Continued

Gathering Storm: The Seventh Era of American History, & the Coming Crises That Will Lead to ItGathering Storm: Excerpt #1
Ten enormous dangers threaten the United States and the American people in the coming years. Any one of them could erupt with devastating consequences for the future of America. The American people, in fact, face the possibility of 10 updated, 21st versions of the legendary Ten Plagues of Egypt enumerated in such chilling detail in the Book of Exodus in the Bible. Continued

Gathering Storm: Excerpt #2
The division of America between ‘red’ and ‘blue,’ heartland and high tech, patriotic and internationalist, is not just some fancy myth cooked up by stereotyping reporters. It rests on the considered decisions recorded every four years by more than 120 million voting Americans. The great red heartland is indeed Wal-Mart Nation. Continued