America’s Cycles of Change

Trump Pulls Off Crucial Coup in Mexico City: He Looks Dignified

Thu, 01 September 2016

Forget what Donald Trump said or did not say in Mexico City on Wednesday, August 31.

Trump’s press conference after an hour of talks with Mexican President Enrique Pena-Nieto was his best moment since his keynote speech to the Republican National Convention at Cleveland in July.

Trump’s conduct and demeanor in the press conference belied the image of him as a loud-mouthed extremist who cannot be trusted with the nuclear codes.

As I explain in my book Cycles of Change (Amazon-Kindle 2015), President Barack Obama has had nearly eight years to start the revival and transformation of the United States for which he was elected.

He has failed miserably.

Continued annual trade deficits with the world of $800 billion, an official acknowledged 660,000 heroin and other hard drug addicts (the real figure probably close to 2 million), and the highest rate of adult non-participation in the US work force in history – over 90 million – are NOT the markings of a successful administration.

Neither is the doubling of the US government’s total debt to $2 trillion in less than eight years – The highest of any nation in the recorded history of the world.

It is ludicrous and contemptable to imagine this record is respectable, let alone “brilliant.”

Since Obama and his policies have failed to bring positive change, Trump’s alternatives are clamoring to be tried.

With Hillary Clinton it will be the old and failed business as usual.

I was convinced Trump had blown all his prospects of electability when he got into ludicrous, unnecessary personal feuds right after the Republican convention.

But now it is he who looks presidential campaign again.

And where is Hillary Clinton?

As I document in Cycles of Change, the election of Ronald Reagan in 1980 was inconceivable to scores of millions of Americans until it actually happened.

Almost nobody – especially Democrats – imagined nice, amiable, polio-stricken Franklin Roosevelt would be a beacon of hope and a whirlwind of transformative change when he was elected in 1932.

But on both occasions, changing times were met by leaders ready for them.

Trump’s election in November is still an uphill, odds-against proposition.

But it should certainly not be ruled out as inconceivable.

Visiting flood victims in Louisiana and talking with dignity and constructively with the President of Mexico, Trump stood tall on the world stage – a real leader.

And where was Hillary?