America’s Cycles of Change

The Six Reasons Bernie Sanders Will Not End His Campaign

Sun, 29 May 2016

These are some of the things Senator Bernie Sanders said in his speech to a campaign rally in Ventura, California on Thursday, June 2:

“The American people understand that given the crises facing our country it is just too late for establishment politics or establishment economics.”

“We have got to bring forth a political revolution.”

“We are doing something unusual in American politics. We are telling the truth.”

“We have corrupt campaign finance system which is undermining American democracy.”

“Democracy is not supposed to be about billionaires and Super-PACs buying elections.”

Do those statements sound like a loyal Democratic Party politician prepared to throw in the hat after June 14 and loyally support Hillary Clinton?

When he talked about corrupt campaign finance and super-PACs buying elections, who do you think he had in mind?

All the superficial, condescending, ludicrously incompetent theorizing about the supposedly “inevitable end” of Sanders’ campaign in June after the last primary elections are held, are based on a pile of fallacies.

First, Bernie Sanders is not concerned about the Democratic Party and there is no reason in reality why he ever should be.

Sanders was a highly successful mayor of a small city (Burlington) for eight years and has had a distinguished, almost unique career as a repeatedly elected Independent member of Congress for Vermont in both chambers for a quarter of a century since then.

But the Democratic Party had nothing to do with any of it.

Second, Sanders is not running to put a “Democrat”, let alone Hillary Clinton into the White House.

Third, Sanders is running to change American society dramatically for the better and he has spelled out repeatedly, clearly and in great detail how he intends to do it.

He understands very well that if, at any point, he folds his tent and meekly, “loyally” tells his millions of supporters across the United States to vote for Hillary Clinton, all his leverage will immediately vanish.

He also knows that come January 2017, Hillary Clinton, if elected President of the United States, will not raise a single well-manicured fingernail to try to implement a single one of the policies he advocates.

Fourth, Sanders still thinks he can win the presidential election.

Fifth, even if Sanders doesn’t win in November, the longer he runs, the more he educates the American people and the more he attracts younger voters to his causes. The more young hearts and minds he wins, the more he believes he will shape America’s future.

Sixth, Sanders likes running for president. So why on earth should he give it up five months before he has to?

Not a single pundit in the so-called “mainstream” media has publicly dared to acknowledge any of these obvious points. However, as Mr. Jefferson would rightly say, “We hold these truths to be self-evident.”

Why do the mainstream pundits fail to see what should be so obvious?

It is because they remains tuck in the same world view, the same narrow, d set , cast-in-stone understanding with how American politics and society works that has been true since the days of Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

But those old “truths” are not “true” any more.

The Times, as Bob Dylan sang, really are once again changing. To see how, go to my 2015 book Cycles of Change and remember – every word of it was written before either Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders declared for the presidency.