America’s Cycles of Change

Obama’s Bungles at G-20 Create Nightmare Crises for his Successor

Mon, 05 September 2016

Barack Obama bluffed Russia and China – contemptibly – at the G20 summit in Hangzhou this weekend.

Weak men bluster and bluff, then imagine they are strong.

That is what Obama did in Hangzhou.

Obama thinks he can coast home in the last two months to the presidential election and strut tough and tall on the world stage. The he imagines he can get out of office with Hillary Clinton elected, and be free forever of the consequences of his actions.

But Obama is wrong.

Where he saw himself as a proud man standing tall on the world stage, most of the world saw only a contemptible blustering phony, who boasts of a Nobel Peace Prize he never deserved, never earned.

Obama stood up – in his own imagination – to Russia and China.

That he really did, was plunge ahead on a course towards US economic collapse through a needless clash with China.

Even worse, he took another step on the road towards thermonuclear confrontation and world war with Russia.

Obama threatened cyber-war with Russia unless they reined in their hackers who appear to be exposing the dirt on Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee’s determination to deny Senator Bernie Sanders their party’s nomination.

He was in-your-face rude to President Vladimir Putin of Russia. Putin, quiet, collected, controlled, composed and dignified – is not a man to bluster and attempt to bully.

The president of Russia is not a hollow phony like Obama.

Obama also abused the hospitality of his hosts. He told Beijing the United States would remain in their face with its forward military posture in the South China Sea.

Obama’s childish, petulant, and preening, narcissistic self-conduct in Hangzhou will not be scrutinized or even criticized by the laughably worshipful US media.

But it plunges the United States and the American people far further down the road to The Gathering Storm (Amazon-Kindle, 2015), the name I give to the next great cyclic crisis that is breaking on this country.

That crisis was still potentially many years away when Obama took office in January 2009. He had the opportunity to steer the United States away from it. He did not. He failed. Now the great crisis is at the door.

My books Gathering Storm and Cycles of Change, available on my website explain how this came to be. And what is going to happen next.