America’s Cycles of Change

Why Hillary Clinton Lost Her Blue Wall

Mon, 21 November 2016

So complacent were Hillary Clinton’s top campaign planners of victory that they took the support of the great industrial states of the Northeast and Midwest for granted.

Those states had voted through thick and thin for the Dems for 30 years, give or take a couple, and had traditions of support for Democratic candidates going all the way back to Franklin D. Roosevelt himself.

So confident were Hillary’s strategists of pocketing the Electoral College votes of those states they didn’t even both giving them a name.

It was only on election night itself, Tuesday November 8, as white working and middle class voters surged for Trump in unexpectedly high numbers that the Dem geniuses and their equally brainless media pundits coined a phrase for the states they had taken for granted for so long, and that they assumed would still save them: the Blue Wall.

It was an ironic name indeed – given the endless sneering that liberal pundits and Democrat hacks alike had given to Trump’s keynote policy of beefing up passive defenses on the US-Mexico border to control illegal immigration and restore lawful control over one of the longest land frontiers in the world.

But there was a key difference.

Trump is a billionaire businessman with a background in holding real hotels and real resorts. So he was referring in his usual “unsophisticated” and direct way to building a real wall.

The Democrats conjured up the Blue Wall states concept at the very last s minute – after taking the loyalty of their voters for granted for an entire generation as they embraced policies of Free Trade, open borders and unlimited immigration that destroyed the livelihoods of hundreds of millions of Americans.

Hillary Clinton was the embodiment of those policies at the highest level of US national life for a quarter of a century. And to the very end she took the witless loyalty of her uncomplaining drones for granted.

Clinton and company were so witless they were blind even to the humiliations Bernie Sanders subjected her to in the primary races – either winning many of those states or running Clinton dangerously close in others.

But the underlying reason Hillary Clinton lost her Blue Wall States was that first Bernie Sanders and then Donald Trump smashed it to bits in front of her complacent, callous and uncomprehending eyes.

For the first time, working class voters and their families were given real choice sand a name to their pain – and the name was Clinton. They took the choices and rejected the old name at long last.

As I predicted in my 2015 book Cycles of Change (Amazon-Kindle and available on this web site the great industrial states of the Northeast and Midwest, the Foundry region of America, have once again become the cockpit of US politics.

Trump realized this. Clinton did not. He won. She lost.