America’s Cycles of Change

Hillary Clinton Out-Creeps Richard Nixon

Mon, 28 November 2016

In 1960, defeated Republican presidential candidate Richard Nixon was brought irrefutable evidence by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) that vote fixing in Cook County and across Texas had thrown the crucial states of Illinois and Texas – and therefore the entire presidential election – to Senator John F. Kennedy.

However Nixon, future mastermind of Watergate and hapless instigator of countless scandals, corrupt deals and bungles before it, then showed he was, in novelist Allen Drury’s phrase, surprisingly “Capable of Honor.” Rather than risk destabilizing the United States, he did not contest the results of the stolen election but accepted them with at least public good grace.

Fifty six years later, Hillary Clinton has shown she lacks Nixon’s patriotism and his sense of honor.

The woman who started out in politics as a researcher in the congressional probe of the Watergate scandal lashed out at Donald Trump during the presidential election race for refusing to say he would concede defeat. Trump, knowing the shifty tricks which are routinely played in the American political system, understandably took the view that this would depend on the circumstances.

Three weeks ago, after managing to lose what should have been a slam-dunk certainty victory according to opinion polls by her catastrophic political strategizing and bungled campaign, Clinton did indeed call Trump and concede the election.

Now she is showing her – lack of – character by changing her mind.

In what passes in Clinton’s addled mind no doubt for political dexterous skill and cunning, she has let the witless Jill Stein charge forward to demand recounts in the three pivotal Midwestern states that went to Trump by narrow but very clear margins.

But instead of disowning Stein, who hardly cleared one percent of the vote, and is now a discredited joke as a national figure, Clinton has returned to her usual mealy mouthed games and authorized her campaign to “support” Stein.

Perhaps Richard Nixon would have been proud of her.

Or – more likely – even he would have been nauseated and disgusted.