America’s Cycles of Change

Hillary Clinton: America’s Greatest Loser

Mon, 14 November 2016

Now, at long last, liberal columnists are climbing out of their fox holes and graciously conceding that Hillary Clinton was a “terribly flawed candidate.” But it should have been obvious to a blind bat from the very beginning.

Clinton “had the experience you know,” as an extraordinary number of simple minded, comfortably off, upper middle class old fools – all of them former government bureaucrats – endlessly informed me in the People’s Republic of Montgomery County, Maryland over the past two years.

Sure, she had the “unrivaled’ experience alright: Unrivaled experience in losing.

Clinton was the living embodiment of what I explain in my book Cycles of Change as the Sixth Era of US History, the era of “Evening in America.”

That era is gone now, burned out, historically dead.

And so is she.

In 1994, Clinton and her friend Ira Magaziner through simply bureaucratic incompetence and unmitigated bungling destroyed any prospect of health care reform for nearly 20 years. And when it came, in an administration she was a part of, it proved to be a bungled fiasco anyway.

In Clinton’s four years as Secretary of State, the most savage barbarism to hit the Middle East since the Mongol invaders nearly 800 years ago conquered most of Iraq, Libya, Yemen and Syria and briefly seized power in Egypt as a direct result of Clinton’s policies to undermine and destroy the existing governments of those countries.

To this day al-Nusrah, the Syrian wing of al-Qaeda, the very same Islamist terrorist group that slaughtered nearly 3,000 Americans on 9/11, receives hundreds of millions of dollars of tax payers’ money as a direct result of the policies that Hillary Clinton personally fashioned as Secretary of State.

Clinton never raised an impeccably manicured fingernail to reverse or amend the catastrophic Free Trade policies she supported mindlessly as First Lady, US senator and Secretary of State. In her four years as Secretary of State, the annual US trade deficit soared to $800 billion a year, $500 billion of it to China alone. She never had a clue how to reduce it and she never even cared.

In 2008, Clinton blew a quarter of a billion campaign war chest to be out-debated, out-strategized and just plain beaten by Barack Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination.

When she finally, wearily slogged her way to that nomination in 2016, after being challenged closely to the end by a white-haired, 74-year-old Jewish socialist from Vermont and Brooklyn, she blew an election that any other Democrat – any other Democrat! – would have walked home to victory.

Hillary Clinton inherited a Democratic Party that had won the popular vote in five out of the previous six presidential elections – 1992, 1996, 2000, 2008 and 2012. She succeeded a president who had won election and reelection by margins of eight million and then five million votes.

And she still contrived to lose.

Hillary Clinton will go down in history as far, far worse than the greatest loser in American politics. She was a walking curse to every cause and organization she embraced.

Under her leadership and that of her aging worthless, useless, contemptible friends, the Democratic Party could not even win control of the US Senate, despite it being handed to them on platter by the huge unpopularity of the outgoing Republican-controlled 115th Congress.

There is sweet-bitter – as opposed to bittersweet – irony for the Democrats in that three new senators, including the only two gains they managed to pick up, were by vigorous, impressive women candidates new to the national scene. Maggie Hassan in New Hampshire, Tammy Duckworth in Illinois and Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada all represent a welcome influx of new energy and perspective for a party that shamefully lacked it.

Had the Dems had enough guts and brains to insist on Senator Bernie Sanders as their candidate, they would certainly have won.

But the Democrats have to learn that 1970s-style feminism alone and airy appeals to young Millennials will not get them any further.

Barack Obama failed to provide any true economic recovery. He doubled the US national debt to a previously inconceivable $20 trillion. With nothing to show for it.

Even starry-eyed young Millennials proved they would not vote for a party that could not provide them with enough jobs at living incomes.

Clinton’s unbelievable hunger for personal power and vast, endless, narcissistic ego sucked all the oxygen out of the Democratic Party and annihilated any prospects for real reform across America for a quarter century. First her husband then Barack Obama, shamefully indulged her ego-trips one after another – at the ultimate cost of destroying both their own political legacies.

Now she has gone at last, leaving, typically a catastrophic legacy of bankruptcy, humiliation, rage, failure, hatred and shame behind her.