America’s Cycles of Change

Free Trade Brought Ruin: It’s Time for Change

Fri, 02 September 2016

The “disappointing” small number of jobs created in the US in August – just over 150,000 – is only the tip of the economic iceberg.

President Barack Obama really believes his economic policies are working. But they aren’t – even after he doubled the national debt to $2 trillion in less than eight years just to buy time.

The Institute for Supply Management ISM manufacturing index hit 49.4 in August, the trade group said on Thursday. A reading above 50 indicates expansion in the manufacturing sector while a reading below 50 indicates contraction.

Now Obama and Hillary Clinton, a woman who now admits – or claims to admit – that she cannot even recall what she was told about how simple emails systems worked when she was Secretary of State, promises to spend money she doesn’t have like water and make America richer and happier than ever.

Talk about Mission Impossible.

My book Cycles of Change available at makes very clear why Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill really believed the catastrophic free trade policies they have embraced for the past quarter century.

Those policies gave gutted America.

The underlying real “fundamentals” of the US economy have not changed.

More than 90 million adults are either unemployed or critically under-employed – the largest number in US history. The destruction of jobs across the old industrial heartlands of America continues unabated.

To say so with passion, as Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump does, is to invite the sophisticated sneers of the cognoscenti in New York and Washington, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

But the reduction of hundreds of millions of people across America over the past 25, indeed 45 years to destitution and despair is not a matter for politeness and well-bred sneers. It should be a matter for anger and rage – and then for Change.

If nothing changes, nothing changes.

And as Trump says, if leadership doesn’t change, then nothing changes.

But Change is Coming.