America’s Cycles of Change

The Democrats’ Media Blitzkrieg

Sun, 31 July 2016

In only the first two days following the end of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia we have seen nude pictures of Melania Trump splashed over the New York Post – which farcically claims to be conservative, but has been a neocon nest for more than 30 years as everyone should remember.

Would any gentleman or lady approve the splashing of nude photographs of at worst-harmless woman?

All Donald Trump supporters in New York City – and there are quite a lot of them – should start boycotting the New York Post at once until the whole rats’ lair of editorial management is cleaned out and replaced.

The only force that the Murdoch organization respects and fears is the one that hits it in circulation and revenues.

And the national media is splashing big on an understandably distraught father of a Muslim son killed fighting for the United States in his attacks on Donald Trump. Heartbreak is understandable. So is compassion. Hypocrisy is not.

Strange that the same media ignored Hillary Clinton calling one of the Benghazi parents a liar. But she did.

Are we surprised?