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Conventions Were Good News for Both Clinton and Trump

Sun, 31 July 2016

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had highly successful conventions:

This was much more important for Trump than Clinton since he was by far the more unconventional, undisciplined and unexpected candidate. He is the insurgent against the political establishments of both major parties.

The expectation was strong that here would be riots in the streets of Cleveland, that tear gas would have to be used. It was assumed that the refusal of so many old major Republican figures including the 2008 and 2012 presidential candidates from the convention would embarrass and weaken, even discredit Trump.

No such thing happened.

Trump unified the real Republican Party, the party of the voters, behind him. It was the old absent former leaders who were marginalized.

This will have enormous consequences not f just for November but far beyond it.

And where Trump benefitted from his rivals refusing to appear, Hillary Clinton flourished because one in particular did offer his support to her.

Clinton won 14 million votes in the Democratic primaries. Bernie Sanders won 12.5 million. We still do not begin to know how many voters for Sanders were disenfranchised, counted out, or just had their ballots eliminated by more nefarious means.

But without the now clearly documented direct bias of Debbie Wasserman Schultz at the head of the entire Democratic Party, Sanders might well have won.

Yet Sanders made a mockery if everything he stood for over the past year and threw his support behind Clinton.

From now on he will be her discredited puppet.

That is why Philadelphia was as important a victory for Clinton as Cleveland was for Trump.