America’s Cycles of Change

New Map of America

The great industrial states of the Northeast and the Midwest were endlessly touted as the Democrats’ vaulted “blue wall.” Instead they turned out to be Hillary Clinton’s Maginot Line.

However, Donald Trump’s presidency goes, the rejection the Democrats suffered in the major population, old industry states of the so-called Blue Wall looks very unlikely to be reversed by any Democratic national candidate four years from now, or possibly ever.

In 2016, the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate Hillary Clinton compounded the systemic weakness of her own party: Indeed she appeared totally oblivious to it. She ran one of the most inept campaigns in modern US political history.

As I predicted in my 2015 book Cycles of Change: The Three Great Cycles of American History & the Coming Crises That Will Lead to the Fourth, a new political map of America has emerged.

In the 2014 midterm elections, the number of Democrats in the Senate and House of Representatives fell to their lowest levels since the Republican landslide of Herbert Hoover over Al Smith in 1928, before the start of the Great Depression. It was as if every Democratic political and electoral gain since the beginning of the New Deal had been wiped out.

The Democrats are rapidly becoming a regional party of the two high-population and high tech, prosperous coasts of the United States but they increasingly appear doomed to eternal minorities across the great continental landmass in between.

The Electoral College of the United States runs counter to the ideology and ideals of “pure” democracy in that it sometime negates the Popular Will of the clear Majority. But it continues to perform a vital function in keeping the different regions and different prevalent regional interest groups, economic concerns, regional prejudices and perspectives of a huge continental nation in balance with each other.

How Donald Trump Earned His Victory

Mon, 21 November 2016

It all hinged on the big industrial states: Donald Trump realized this throughout his campaign: Hillary Clinton never did. He realized America was changing: She did not. He won: She lost. Trump read the New Map of America correctly. Clinton never read it at all.

The New Map of America has elected its first president.

Whoever wins on November 8, the US electoral map is going to transform in ways not seen since Richard Nixon’s Southern Strategy started to bite in the 1968 election nearly half a century ago.