America’s Cycles of Change

Gathering Storm

As I write, President-elect Donald Trump appears to be turning towards picking General David Petraeus as his Secretary of State rather than former Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Both men are likely to be very hawkish on Russia.

The Hypocrisy of Liberal Hatred

Tue, 29 November 2016

Since the November 8 presidential election, some interesting things have been happening.
Former liberal friends by the score have been unfriending my wife Debbie and myself not just because we voted for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, but in some cases because they simply suspected us – correctly of course – of so doing so.

The United States is no longer the invention capital of the world – China is.

The hatred and rage comes from both sides. As I vividly describe in Gathering Storm there are two America’s. They have been growing – and growing apart – for half a century since the start of the Vietnam War. And they hate each other like poison.

The Gathering Storm is Here

Fri, 11 November 2016

Early in 2015, well before Donald Trump had declared his fateful candidacy for president of the United States, I published my book, Gathering Storm. In it, I predicted that the greatest crisis in U.S history, greater than the Civil War and the Great Depression combined, was about to hit the United States. Now it is here.

America as Rome, Part 4: After yet another unfortunate short era of scandal and murderous rule under Domitian, the Romans arranged to have a century of really good emperors again from Trajan to Marcus Aurelius.

US President Barack Obama’s baiting of Russia and China at the Group of 20 summit in Hangzhou, China, is bad news for the Middle East region and the world at large.

The terror attacks of September 11, 2001 were a wake-up call to America. America promptly woke up and charged off — in the wrong direction.

Barack Obama bluffed Russia and China – contemptibly – at the G20 summit in Hangzhou this weekend. Weak men bluster and bluff, then imagine they are strong. That is what Obama did in Hangzhou.

September 2 – The Institute for Supply Management had some unpleasant news for usually serenely complacent US President Barack Obama on Friday. The manufacturing sector is contracting – unexpectedly so – after almost half a year of modest expansion.