America’s Cycles of Change

Cycles of Change

Do those statements sound like a loyal Democratic Party politician prepared to throw in the hat after June 14 and loyally support Hillary Clinton?

Suddenly, the secret supporters of Donald Trump or so they claim, are crawling like teeming termites out of every rotting wood-work in the Republican Party.

The expected victories of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in their respective New York primary races confirm both the parallels and strange contrasts between the unexpected rivalries tearing apart both great American parties.

Bernie Sanders has reason to feel good heading into Tuesday’s primary elections. Not only did he stay alive and survive his anticipated stream of southern defeats by Hillary Clinton, he picked up a useful number of states of his own along the way and now he is poised to show his real strength in the big industrial states with collapsed economies that he knows should be his real source of strength.

Death of the GOP

Mon, 07 March 2016

However outrageous he can be, Donald Trump intuitively “gets it.” He grasps several of the most important policies vital issues to revive America. If the GOP accepts Trump, it will be transformed. But if it rejects him, it will be destroyed as a national power forever.

Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina have done their job. Seven Republican candidates for the presidency are gone from the presidential race: Four of them in the week after New Hampshire. Now Jeb (Jeb!) Bush has joined them too. The political guillotines have been falling faster than Madame Defarge could knit.

The brief fluttering of hope that the Iowa caucuses set off in the trembling hearts of Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were extinguished after only eight days. February is still the cruelest month, folks.

Donald Trump may certainly lose out to either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio yet – but don’t rule him out because of Iowa.

The National Review political magazine has just published a special issue in which editor Rich Lowry rounded up 35 “pundits” to blast Donald Trump for not being an authentic “conservative.” As Albert Einstein dryly remarked after the publication of a book entitled 100 Authors against Einstein, “If I was wrong, one would have been enough.” […]

If Hillary Clinton manages to claw her way into the White House, despite the mounting avalanche of evidence to the contrary, she might start by proclaiming a six day week and abolishing Tuesday: The day is clearly bad news for her.