America’s Cycles of Change

Cycles of Change

America as Rome, Part 1: Empire seemed like a good idea at first in Ancient Rome (also known as the United States): Julius Caesar, like Abraham Lincoln made the mistake of winning a Civil War, unifying the empire and ruling too openly as an emperor.

Obama thinks he can coast home in the last two months to the presidential election and strut tough and tall on the world stage. The he imagines he can get out of office with Hillary Clinton elected, and be free forever of the consequences of his actions. But Obama is wrong.

The “disappointing” small number of jobs created in the US in August – just over 150,000 – is only the tip of the economic iceberg. President Barack Obama really believes his economic policies are working. But they aren’t – even after he doubled the national debt to $2 trillion in less than eight years just to buy time.

Visiting flood victims in Louisiana and talking with dignity and constructively with the President of Mexico, Trump stood tall on the world stage – a real leader.

The weeks following the conclusion of the two major political party conventions in the United States are usually the most decisive in the entire 10-month long national presidential campaign that starts with the New Hampshire primary at the beginning of February and ends with the final national elections in early November.

The days since the end of the Democratic convention in Cleveland have been Worst Week Ever for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. He has walked into the carefully prepared trap Democratic campaign strategists prepared for him with Khazr Khan’s personal attack and he has dug his hole deeper ever since.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had highly successful conventions:

This is the fifth successive US presidential campaign I have covered professionally from beginning to end for large news organizations on three continents – including this one – and certain patterns become very familiar over time.

In only the first two days following the end of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia we have seen nude pictures of Melania Trump splashed over the New York Post – which farcically claims to be conservative, but has been a neocon nest for more than 30 years as everyone should remember.

In my previous column I listed six reasons why Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont will be motivated to continue his remarkable underdog campaign for the presidency even if he fails to win the Democratic Party’s nomination in Philadelphia this July.