America’s Cycles of Change

Predicting the Future

Will America enjoy a future of renewed wealth, prosperity and security?

Or is it under dire threat from a world of deadly enemies on every side?

Why have 20 years of Free Trade policies brought the collapse of American industry and manufacturing?

Why does America still run a three quarter trillion dollar trade deficit with China every year?

How can you hope to get rich or maintain your wealth if your country goes bankrupt?

What subjects should your children study to survive and prosper in such a world?

How can you learn what you need to know when the media of America and the $60 billion a year U.S. intelligence community are regularly utterly surprised by everything from 9/11 to the Russian invasion of Georgia seven years later?

Could an Israeli strike against Iran trigger a World War III?

Or could it come from obscure clan rivalries in the Caucasus, a part of the world almost all Americans are 100 percent ignorant of?

For more than 25 years Martin Sieff has been the angry, fearless maverick of American foreign correspondents. He has enraged liberal and conservative true believers alike by finding the real newsmakers everyone else ignored.

Sieff talked to Vladimir Putin’s policymakers a decade before they ever took power in Moscow.

In 1987, he discovered why London was going to bury Paris and Frankfurt as the financial center of the New Europe.

He revealed how China has succeeded in the 21st century where Japan failed during World War II in turning South East Asia into its raw materials back yard – and never had to risk fighting any wars to do so.

Now Sieff is covering the rise of hydraulic-cocktail fracking, the revolutionary horizontal-mining technology that has opened a new era of domestic American energy production.

Sieff reveals the national policies that are already reviving America and the unprecedented threats the American people face, and that the news media ignores, even though those threats are open, public and staring us in the face.

If you hope to survive the next decade you have to learn to see our modern world of 7 billion people the way it really is.