America’s Cycles of Change


America is in crisis: And no one really has a clue why — or what to do about it. None of the old, familiar answers works.  Two centuries of American history have led us to this point. Our own history gives us the map we need to navigate the dangers and sail to a safe and better future. How do we navigate this new paradigm?

Martin Sieff has that map.  His Cycles of Change book (soon to be a series) maps the history of America through its six past eras and explains the nature of the crises we are in, the transformations we face, and the opportunities they offer.

Sieff’s areas of expertise include:

  • Cycles of Change
    The 6 Great Eras of U.S. History; The Coming Years of Crisis and Change — How will They Turn Out? The Advantages of America’s Heartland; Why Neither Republicans or Democrats have the Answers; Why America is Going to Reject Liberals and Conservatives; The Wisdom of Jefferson — Different Answers for Different Eras;
  • Gathering Storm
    Ballistic Missile Defense, The Threat of Smallpox: Russian Strategic Missile Subs – the Ultimate Threat; Why Respecting Russia is Essential; Land Border Security – Crucial to America’s Survival; Hi–Tech Fences Can’t Keep Our Borders Safe — Only Hundreds of Thousands of Border Security Troops Can; America Needs to Protect Its Economic Borders as well as its Land Sea Ones; The Russia-China Alliance – the Most Powerful Military Partnership of All Time, and Why No One Notices It; Russia’s Fourth Generation Missile Subs and What They Can Do; Strategic Nuclear Submarines; Why World War is Inevitable by 2020; 7 Billion People and Why They Make a World Consumed by Wars Inevitable
  • New Map of America
    The Rise of the Resource-Rich Rocky Mountain Region, Land Border Security — the Dominant Issue for the South-West, Why Patent Office Transparency and Innovation Law Reform are Destroying U.S. Innovation; Protectionism and the Recovery of the Industrial Northeast; Why Global Warming will Make Farmers Demand More Big Government Support, Not Less; Why Silicon Valley’s Boom Days are Numbered; the Fight against Bureaucracy and the Crushing of Business at State and Local-Levels; Why Wall Street is Doomed

Who is Martin Sieff?

Sieff is the great heretic of American journalism for the past quarter century. His unrivalled record of accurate predictions and policy recommendations go back 30 years. He predicted the disintegration of the Soviet Union half a decade before it happened. He was alone in warning that Saddam Hussein was going to conquer Kuwait in 1990.

Now Sieff is the country’s foremost expert on the Cycles of Change. You need the information he provides. Sieff will tell you which regions of America have the most potential for the future and which are the most dangerous, what industries will rise and what will fall. When to turn to the federal government and when to work with state and local governments, or without them. Sieff is an expert on energy issues with decades of hands-on experience covering the Middle East and Central Asia. He has mapped the rise and fall of industrial economies in North America, Europe and Asia.

Sieff is a mesmerizing and charismatic speaker. He doesn’t pretend to be young or fashionable but he knows what he’s talking about, he knows what you need to know, and he has the experience and facts to back it up.

Sieff has appeared over the years on CBS, NPR, Newsmax, Fox News, BBC, NPR, Russian National Television, Russia Today, al-Arabiya and many other outlets.. He has lectured at the highest levels of government to dozens of government conferences and audiences ranging from White House and Pentagon planners to US Air Force generals.

He has been published on United Press International,, The Daily Beast, The Globalist, The Washington Times, The American Conservative, Pravda, Russia Insider, the China Daily, the Jerusalem Post, the Jerusalem Report, National Review, the Los Angeles Post-Examiner and many other print and online publications.

Martin Sieff is available to speak at business conferences, trade associations, political science courses, strategy sessions of IT and defense industry companies. You can reach him at or fill out the contact us form.