America’s Cycles of Change

Whoever wins on November 8, the US electoral map is going to transform in ways not seen since Richard Nixon’s Southern Strategy started to bite in the 1968 election nearly half a century ago.

Most, though not all opinion polls show Republican candidate Donald Trump behind Democratic nominee for US President Hillary Clinton. Right now, the way to bet remains a clear Clinton victory and Democratic takeover of the Senate. Even a trifecta – a Democrat re-conquest of the House of Representatives cannot be ruled out on November 8.

America as Rome, Part 4: After yet another unfortunate short era of scandal and murderous rule under Domitian, the Romans arranged to have a century of really good emperors again from Trajan to Marcus Aurelius.

America as Rome, Part 3: At first, the Roman Emperor Nero was very much like US President Bill Clinton: They were both mass entertainers: They both loved to perform in front of audiences. They were both charismatic and at first wildly popular. They presided over peace and an economic boom.

America as Rome, Part 2:
General of the Army Dwight D. Eisenhower, President of the United States from 1953 to 1961, was the model of propriety in private as well as in public. The second Roman Emperor Tiberius by contrast carried out so many inventive orgies on the island of Capri off Naples that they boggle the mind.

America as Rome, Part 1: Empire seemed like a good idea at first in Ancient Rome (also known as the United States): Julius Caesar, like Abraham Lincoln made the mistake of winning a Civil War, unifying the empire and ruling too openly as an emperor.