America’s Cycles of Change

Do those statements sound like a loyal Democratic Party politician prepared to throw in the hat after June 14 and loyally support Hillary Clinton?

Something very fundamental and strange has happened to the geography of American politics. It is so enormous, so obvious and so counter to the accepted wisdom of the past half century that the entire print and broadcast media have missed it completely.

Russian President Vladimir Putin as usual wasted no time in reacting to what he saw as a new Western strategic threat against his country. The same day that the United States activated a land-based Aegis anti-missile radar and interceptor base in Romania – fittingly, on Friday, May 13 – Putin vowed to increase and prioritize military spending to ensure it could be knocked out.

Ever since legendary Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery turned NATO into a credible military deterrent force for the first time as its Deputy Supreme Commander in the1950s, British senior generals have usually served as loyal deputies to the American Supreme Commanders (SACEUR) of the Alliance in Europe. But few, if any, can compare to General Sir Richard Shirreff for outspokenness.

Not one American in 100,000 could tell you what BALTOPS is. Yet that regular, NATO military exercise held every year is stoking tensions with Russia that could lead to nuclear war.

The latest wave of ISIL suicide bomb attacks in Baghdad, killing scores of civilians at a time, has shaken the Iraqi government and army so much they want to move key units back to the capital, potentially stalling the drive on Mosul insisted upon by their US “advisers.”

Most Americans do not realize that their industrial base has shrunken so much and hat their space hardware policy is still in such disarray that even the US Air Force remains dependent on Russian rocket engines to power America’s own Atlas rockets launching the most sensitive and secret satellites into space.

Suddenly, the secret supporters of Donald Trump or so they claim, are crawling like teeming termites out of every rotting wood-work in the Republican Party.

The White House Correspondents Dinner is one of those bizarre Washington rituals of narcissistic self-congratulation between corrupt, incompetent politicians who don’t have a clue and their fawning courtiers called White House correspondents and senior editors who take their preening pretensions seriously.