America’s Cycles of Change

What difference does yet another extreme Islamist terror bomb attack make? Especially in a country that has not known even the illusion of peace in more than 14 years? But Tuesday’s outrage in the Afghan capital of Kabul was different.

Trump Resurgent, Cruz Crunched

Thu, 21 April 2016

Donald Trump could indeed go down to a major defeat for the Republicans as their presidential candidate in November, though he could also do a far better among the core white, working class patriotic core than the GOP has managed since its ludicrously fraudulent portrayal of George W. Bush as a victorious war hero in 2004.

The expected victories of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in their respective New York primary races confirm both the parallels and strange contrasts between the unexpected rivalries tearing apart both great American parties.

The 2016 G7 foreign ministers meeting this year is being held in the Japanese port city of Hiroshima, a city of destiny in more ways than is generally realized.

Who leaked the Panama Papers, what was their motivation and what effect will the revelations have? There are no clear answers to any of these questions, but some ironic patterns are already beginning to emerge.

The dragons’ teeth that benighted US policies have sowed in Iraq continue to sprout new nightmares for policymakers in Washington as well as across the entire region.

While shaky and uncertain Iraqi ground forces slowly move forward behind repeated US air strikes and artillery bombardments against ISIL, the Islamic State in Syria and the Levant, their political masters brawled and threw water bottles at each other in the Iraqi parliament on Wednesday.