America’s Cycles of Change

The National Review political magazine has just published a special issue in which editor Rich Lowry rounded up 35 “pundits” to blast Donald Trump for not being an authentic “conservative.” As Albert Einstein dryly remarked after the publication of a book entitled 100 Authors against Einstein, “If I was wrong, one would have been enough.” […]

Perhaps it was the high altitudes and the crisp, clear, invigorating Swiss mountain air that went to US Secretary of State John Kerry’s head and loosened his tongue at the World Economic Forum in Davos on January 21. In any case, Kerry delivered appallingly frank comments to cable CNBC television news and to his travelling […]

If Hillary Clinton manages to claw her way into the White House, despite the mounting avalanche of evidence to the contrary, she might start by proclaiming a six day week and abolishing Tuesday: The day is clearly bad news for her.

Second of a Two-Part Series Writing in The Hill, on January 14, Dick Morris, the master strategist who planned President Bill Clinton’s classic Comeback Kid reelection in 1996 after his walloping in the 1994 congressional midterms, recognized with all his brilliant acumen and remorseless insight how disastrous the early deployment of Bill in Hillary Clinton’s […]

There was nothing for Arabs to celebrate in Obama’s speech and much for them to be alarmed about.

Hillary Clinton should have read the glorious Hindu epic, the Mahabharata: It would have warned her not to throw her Ultimate Weapon – former President Bill Clinton – into the presidential race too soon. She made that mistake in 2008 when Bill’s ham-handed moves cost her the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party.

Many in the Arab world have come to think Obama is more committed to preserving his legacy in history than in acting as an honest broker in Middle East disputes.

Debating Issues with Hillary

Mon, 04 January 2016

The most revealing parts of Hillary Clinton’s “town hall meeting” in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, on Tuesday were not her answers but the comments from her questioners.