America’s Cycles of Change

The said news is out: Jeb Bush is no longer trying to defend the copyright trademark he established months ago to the name “Jeb!” (with an exclamation mark added).

This year now ending has been a Reversals of Fortune one for Syria: No ups and downs for its poor, suffering people – It has been a downer for them all the way. But for the different armies, religious movements, political factions and the major powers moving them like chips on a poker table, it was a year of endless ups and downs.

“A new poll of Republican primary and caucus voters by Zogby Analytics shows developer Donald Trump widening his nationwide lead to 25 points over his nearest rival, neurologist Dr. Ben Carson.” What does this poll really mean? It means change is coming to America.

Why is Ben Carson fading and Donald Trump rebounding?

Turkey’s decision to approve the shooting down of a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 bomber that allegedly strayed into its air space on November 24 brings the Syrian civil war crisis into an entirely new, uncharted, potential era of potentially limitless danger. In the words of Thomas Jefferson, it is a fire-bell tolling in the night. It is the world of danger I describe in my new book, Gathering Storm: The Seventh Era of American History & the Coming Crises That Will Lead to It, (Amazon-Kindle 2015). It is a warning of looming, uncontrollable war.